Finance Manager



職位編號:Fin 20010

發布日期:Sep.12, 2014

薪資:Competitive Salary Package.

Well-known global branding in chemical industry

Excellent Company Culture and Career Development Potential

Key Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for overall accounting and finance matters with reporting to GM

and Great China finance function

2. Business analysis in sales cycle and controlling in manufacturing cycle

3. Infer business impact from financial data, make appropriate recommendations and identify

key financial risks to management, helping the company achieve objectives and goals.

4. Properly deal with the finance activities operated locally.

5. Support and coordinate various internal and external audits.

6. Take appropriate measures to ensure company assets safety, eg, cash or cash equivalent,

fixed assets, inventory, receivables, etc.

7. Take part in various activities organized by headquarters.

Key Requirements:

1. Bachelor / Master Degree majoring in Accounting or Finance.

2. Minimum 10 years professional experience in different finance area, 3 year above team management skills.

3. Deep understanding of various finance functions (product costing, controlling, accounting, treasury, etc) and have certain sense about internal control.

4. Possess Accounting Certificate and Medium-grade Professional Title. CPA or other professional certificate is a plus.

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