SPI Operation Director

1.工作目標概述  / Job Objective Summary:
(簡要描述設置該崗位的目的和工作目標。 Summarize the purpose and objective of the position.) 

    1. Manage operation department of spinning product lines include roving, ring, winding, and rotor 



    2. Deliver on financial, operational, and business objectives, include but not limited to Safety, Quality, 

    Inventory, on time delivery, productivity, and cycle time; 



    3. Support the sales in improving the customer satisfaction level. 
2.工作職責描述/ Job Responsibility  & Duties:
(詳細描述該崗位的工作職責。Describe the detailed responsibility and duties of the position.) 

    1. Responsible for production planning, internal logistics, manufacturing/production technology, 

    machine assembly, quality of products, and other production support function of specific responsible


    2. Responsible for operational strategy, budget, and result; 
    3. Develop and deploy proper resources, include but not limited to manpower, machines, material, 

    standardized and documented operational procedures, measurement tools, and other facilities, to 

    make sure operational and business goals to be achieved; 



    4. Coach and inspiring subordinates to improve continuously the working efficiency to achieve 

    operational goals set by management team; 


    5. Make sure production in accordance with customer demand (quality/quantity/delivery), communicate

    any deviations with customers through functional department; 

    6. Implement 6S to ensure a clean and safe working environment; 
    嚴格執行 6S 以確保工作環境的清潔與安全;

    7. Implement lean principles in responsible area to make sure a smooth and efficient work flow to 

    reduce until eliminating the 8 waste; 

    在負責區域實行精益原則以確保高效順暢的生產流程從而減少直至消除  8種浪費;

    8. Implement quality procedures into production process to ensure subordinates not to produce defect 

    parts, not to accept defect parts, and not to pass defect parts to next steps; 



    9. Implement TPM to reduce until eliminate line down time; 
    執行 TPM來減少直至消除產線?;奔?;
    10. Make sure production related problem be solved in reasonable short time; 

    11. Analyze and review operation activities, systems, procedures and result timely, maintain a dynamic 

    power for continuous improvement; 

3.任職資質  / Job Requirement